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Here at Irish Whiskey Auctions we pride ourselves on the fact we offer a reliable and trusted service. Our last auctions, as our regular users will know, worked well for a new venture of this scale and complexity.

We are also always trying to improve what we deliver to enhance the features and performance of the auction system as you will have seen in some of the site changes leading up to the February auction.

To that end over the last week, since the current auction went live, we have seen some “sluggish” behaviour on the site. We identified what we thought was the cause but in resolving that we still have some areas that seem a bit sluggish. When the Auction closes, as you can imagine, the demands on the whole system, and server platform in particular, are vast and although we believe the risk is small, we are concerned that there is still an underlying performance question that may cause problems at the close if not addressed. We have today identified what these may be but need a little time to resolve them.
Therefore, as a precautionary measure, we really do not want to see any issues as the auction closes, we have taken the difficult decision to delay the close of the February Auction by 48 hours to allow us more time to reduce this risk. The Auction will now close at 7pm on Tuesday 19th Feb.
We understand that this may be inconvenient to some of our users and we apologise, but we are sure that this is a better action than to see a problem on Sunday evening.
We would remind you that you can place proxy bids to the level you would wish to bid to and the system will then bid, using the incremental bidding, for you. It does not just jump to the bid value you type in unless someone else has also placed a proxy bid or equal or higher value.
In addition the system operates an anti-snipping policy whereby if a bid is placed within 5 minutes of the close then the auction, on that item only, will be extended by 10 minutes. This means there is no need to try and bid at the last second to win an item. Once the clock enters the last five minutes any bids will extend the item.
The closing time on the site will be updated later today (Saturday) but we wanted to give all our users the maximum notice we could of this decision.
Again, we apologise for any inconvenience caused by this decision but are sure that you will support us to ensure that we have a smooth and managed end to the February Auction. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 01-5242142

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