Our First Auction
Thoughts on Whiskey...

So We have finally got here, the Inaugural Auction on the dream that we have built and called Irish Whiskey Auctions.

At so many times it has seemed like we would never actually have an Irish Whiskey Auction website, with dealing with Red tape, trying to get the right software, trying to find the time  and just doubts about does Ireland have a big enough market to support a dedicated Irish website. But we persevered  and with the support of a few People we are just over 24 hours from the Auction going Live. I personally am a mix of pure excitement and pure fear. It’s a funny feeling, not knowing what peoples reaction will be, the excitement of having so many fantastic Bottles in our very first auction, and then the fear of people not “getting” it.

I am Proud, immensely proud of where we are, My wife , my family, my partners in Irish whiskey auctions and my Business partner in Starsat Ireland  have all sacrificed  lots and tolerated me whilst I endlessly chased a dream of having a Whiskey Auction Website.

So as we are the first Whiskey auction website based in Ireland , the worlds first Irish whiskey auction site and now to keep going with the first’s we have the first public auction of a complete Midleton Very Rare Collection from 1984-2017.  the first sale of the first 10 bottles released from the Dingle distillery, the Midleton millennium  Collection from 2000-2017, the first public sale of a Dingle LVA release. and the first Irish Auction of a Redbreast 32 year old.


even reading that back gives me goosebumps.

We have received great support from a lot of the guys who are real whiskey aficionados and have been very generous with their time and knowledge and i hope that over the coming months and years that we build a great community and website that serves everybody fairly. We are truly humbled by the words of encouragement and faith that a lot of people have shown us by ultimately trusting us to handle and sell their prized whiskeys.

So to End this piece  I again say Thank You to all that have helped , supported and committed bottles to our VERY First Auction.  Raise a glass (of preferably Irish Whiskey) and remember these words


Health , Happiness and Love


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