Midleton Very Rare Adare Manor 1st Release

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The Ultimate Symbol for any prestigious Manor House Hotel in Ireland is to have the Ultimate Irish Whiskey with their name on it and that is exactly what Adare Manor in Limerick have done. They, together with master Distiller Brian Nation and Master Distiller Emeritus Barry Crockett they have produced one of the flagship bottlings from the Midleton Very Rare series.

Highly collectable and highly sought after , this will definitely be one for the future generations to behold.

This bottle is signed on the release night by both Brian Nation and Barry Crockett

Limited to only 192 bottles from the cask, with lest than 100 being made available to the general public this is a rare opportunity to purchase a piece of Irish Whiskey History.

"Adare Manor’s Midleton Very Rare whiskey is a single cask Irish whiskey, which was laid down to mature on the 12th of January 1995 in an American oak barrel that previously held Bourbon whiskey.  A single pot still Irish whiskey, the distillate was crafted from a mash of malted and unmalted barley and distilled three times in Midleton’s copper pot stills – a process that creates a silky mouthfeel and imparts a spicy character to the finish. After 23 years in the maturation warehouse, carefully overseen by the craftsmen of Midleton, the result is a smooth and complex Irish whiskey with notes of sandalwood, dark chocolate and zesty fruits, which is bottled at 52.5% ABV.  With 192 bottles from the cask, it is going to remain Very Rare. Of that nearly 100 bottles are already laid down in the hotel’s cellar for their own use and distribution. With 22 bottles being sold for the launch, the hotel will reveal their plans for the remaining bottles in the new year."

Taken From the blog That's Dram Good by Omar Fitzell

LOT No. IWA : 183670
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The New Midleton distillery has been described as “the engine that drove the growth of Irish whiskey” and it is easy to understand why that statement describes the huge complex that is based in Midleton, Co. Cork. Many brands that are known worldwide for the smooth subtle Pot Still Taste that is uniquely Irish are sourced from the new Midleton Distillery. Brands such as Redbreast, Green spot, Yellow spot, Powers, Paddy and the now ubiquitous Midleton Very Rare are all produced by one of the most modern distilleries in the world and their growth is only possible by the scale at which the new Midleton distillery produces various styles of Whiskey. The older expressions of whiskey from the midleton distillery are some of the most sought after and you would be lucky to find a comparable product elsewhere.