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Irish whiskey auctions is now live and what a feeling that is. The response from everyone has been generally great, the bids started to happen more or less straight away with some of the big ticket items finding their level fairly quick. Even with all the testing that we had done there is still a trepidation that we missed something, something won’t work as it was supposed to but overall everything went well.

There is a few things that are not perfect but we can work on them and develop this platform over time. We would appreciate any feedback that you guys may have. It is good when people come to us with ideas of how they think we can improve it because that is how it should work, all the people who want this whiskey industry to flourish working together. It is better if someone calls me or emails me with a suggestion or an issue they are having, i’m fairly quick to respond(most of the time) but you will definitely get a response. Please feel free at any stage to call us or email us if you think something is not quite right.

And now to the Auction itself, WOW….!!!!!

redbreast dreamcask 32 year old

Some items have been doing really well within the first 24 hours.

the bottle of Redbreast Dream cask is in demand as we knew it would be, some punter was marking their territory fairly quickly with a bid of €1200 I wonder will that pay off for them. Another item that is doing well is the Teeling 33 Year old but everyone knew it would be sought after. But there is just the normal bottles that people want and they are all going well. It has been great to see people bidding and using the website, Long may it last.

So keep enjoying it all and we look forward to next week to see what happens.


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