Welcome to Irish Whiskey Auctions.
Welcome to Irish Whiskey Auctions

On our web site we have built a platform enabling you to easily find that bottle you have always wanted. You can also sell, with confidence, any bottles that you may want to share with others on our site.

We have turned our passion into our business so it is easy for us to get excited about what we have created with the help of our fantastic development team. We hope that you, our users, will also share our enthusiasm.

The team that helped us plan, develop and deliver this fantastic website can never know the extent of the gratitude that we have for their unwavering support. David and Adrian from the digita.agency have had the courage to join us in this project and see it through to delivery with a professionalism that should be an example for any company on how to support their clients. Thank you, guys. They helped turn the mad ramblings of the vision of a website that I wanted into what I believe is the best whiskey auction site out there.

This is the first site of its kind in Ireland and being the first to do something can create stumbling blocks (and boy did we have some doozies) and it has taken longer than we expected to get to this stage and cost a lot (OMG how much!) more than we ever planned but I hope you will agree that it has been worth every minute and every cent. I only ask one thing of you, our users, if we make a mistake please give us the chance to rectify it. I don’t claim to have all the answers and our team won’t always get it right first time so have patience with us, tell us where we are wrong and help us get it right. In this way we can build the best whiskey auction website in the world that will ultimately benefit us all.

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Irish Whiskey Auctions

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