What a Week
Thoughts on Whiskey...

PHEW !!!!

People say life is a rollercoaster…..

That is how I would describe that week just ending.. Sunday night was probably one of thee most stressful times in my life, (and i am a father of 3…) the elation of getting to the end of the auction and seeing people use , interact and enjoy something that we as a team have worked so hard on was euphoric. Bids rising, the pride of being the first Irish whiskey auction website to sell anything nevermind a full Midleton collection of 34 bottles, and many other bottles .

But wow 15 seconds can feel like an eternity when things go awry…

We had a plan, it worked, to a point and to be faced with an error screen was definitely not part of the plan but we know what it was and have worked hard to exactly identify the issue and put in place fixes and hopefully prevent having those experiences again. As a whole everybody has been fantastic, Our team, working tirelessly to identify and resolve issues, Our Customers many of who messaged us and called to congratulate us on building the website which most agree is a great design.

Particular thanks must go to David @ Digita.agency  who has worked endless hours on this project and continues to do so. My long suffering wife Katie for absolutely everything that she does and the circle of family and friends that help when help is needed.

We accept that it wasn’t perfect but hey what in life is, But we are not going to stop working until we know that this is it, THIS IS OUR BEST. Still, wasn’t bad as our opening salvo, Midleton Set sold @ €36,100, Dair Ghailach Tree 1 sold @ €740, some cracking Jameson whiskeys and lets not forget the Michael Collins bottles.

In our next Auction starting on the 16th November we may have gone 1 better, some 80’s Midleton very rare, Some Teelings , a dingle or two

OH! and a Midleton Pearl..

Be sure to spread the word about the First Irish Whiskey Auction Website, the more people that know about us the more chance you have of getting a better price for the bottle that you are selling or maybe someone has that bottle that you are looking for and will auction it here .

As Always


Health , Happiness and Love